Millennium Media Group [MMG] was founded in 2001 as a media company providing cross selling platform for advertising clients.

Taking one step at a time, MMG started FINANCEROLL as a portal for financial news. The portal covers a wide range of financial products.

In order to expand its brand, MMG created Finroll which focuses itself in providing general news to the public.

MMG at its later stage of the operation started FRONTROLL, a weekly tabloid that covers financial market deeply. After a series of success in publishing, the group began FENG ZHONG, a weekly business tabloid which covers the financial market in chinese language.

With the recent growth in online Ads interests from the public, the group created a marketing communication department that services customers in online ads through DB Advertising Network. Technology plays a part in the overall success of the Media Group.

The Group is employing over 300 staffs, all working under the supervision of a dedicated and well experienced management team.