With experience in analyzing and managing equity, fixed income and money market portfolios, MDI offers full investment management services which include issuance and management of pool of funds, mutual funds and full discretionary portfolio management.

Whether designing a mutual fund or full discretionary portfolios, our investment team takes thorough considerations of clients’ investment objectives, acceptable risk factors, tenor of investment, investment size, terms and conditions of investment in order to create portfolios that provide consistent and optimum returns with minimal risks. By anticipating risks and applying a systematic, discipline investment process, we are certain to assist clients in reaching their investment objectives.

Products we offer

1. Full Discretionary Investment Management Service.

In full discretionary management service, MDI is given full authority by clients to act as Investment Manager in achieving their specific investment objectives while abiding by its defined investment policies and guidelines. Prior to determining a client’s investment policy, factors such as client’s investment objectives, tenor of investment, expected returns, acceptable risks, terms and conditions of investment are thoroughly discussed.

Types of investment portfolios include :

Fixed Income portfolio: to invest in fixed income instruments, including bonds and debt instruments issued by Indonesian private, publicly listed, and state owned companies, and also government bonds.

Equity portfolio: to invest in shares listed in the Indonesian Stock Exchanges with investment objective of preserving capital and seeking medium to long term capital appreciation.

Money Market portfolio: to invest in short-term money market instruments, seeking short term capital appreciation better than regular time deposits.

Full Discretionary management service is designed to assist individuals, institutions and pension funds in achieving their specific investment goals while abiding by its defined investment policy.

2. Mutual Fund and Pool of Fund Products

We provide a wide range of investment mutual fund and pool of fund products, from money market to fixed income, from balanced funds to full equity funds, investors can select the funds that best suited for their investment needs, objectives, and acceptable risks.

Nature of business

An intermediary between investors & investment world, by utilizing its experience, network and solid base in financial sector.

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