BPR Danatama Indonesia was established since August 25, 1993 identified as PT BPR Rindang Pundi Mekar which located in Bekasi. The Limited Cooperation is authorized as Rural Bank based on Decree of the Minister of Finance No.Kep-193/KM-17/1994 dated July 12, 1994, indicated of government guarantee for each banking service from PT. BPR Rindang Pundi Mekar to customers.

Subsequently on September 30, 2003 BPR Rindang Pundi Mekar legally changed as PT. BPR Danatama Indonesia which constantly develop into modern banking.

BPR Danatama as subsidiary of MDI Corporation recognized by its reputation principally needs to consider.

Therefore PT BPR Danatama Indonesia itself continuously develops into Leading Banking Company with optimum services and facilities for people in Indonesia.

Management Team

The Committee of Boards Commissioners and Directors of BPR Danatama supported by people with prosperous experiences and trustworthy on The Banking Industry in Indonesia, they are as follows:

President Commissioner : Tahir Ferdian

Commissioner : Henny Halim

Commissioner : Annie Halim

Commissioner : Lim Angie Christina

President Directors : Rachman Fauzi, SH

Directors : Listyanto Setya Budi, SH

Nature Of Business

The services contain of Savings and Short Term Lowest Credit Facilities given to micro, small, and middle industry in Jakarta and Bekasi which represent of BPR Danatama commitment to customers.

Website : http://www.danatamabank.com