Millennium Mining Resources was established in 2009 and act as MDI Corporation’s Holding company to mining sectors.

Millennium Mining Resources operates a fully integrated minerals exploration, mining and marketing business, committed to the long term. We are seeking to extend our existing mines and progressing new concessions projects for the benefit of all our business partners, be they explorers, miners, local communities, governments or customers.

Millennium Mining Resources’s Minerals Sector distinguishes itself through cutting-edge research and development; world-class safety, environmental and community practices; and a commitment to constant innovation and improvement.

From exploration and development through to the conversion and marketing of our products to customers, our structure reflects the value chain of our industry. Our organisation is structured in a way that is focused on building functional expertise and where our people understand their accountability.

  • Minerals Exploration undertakes all greenfield minerals exploration activities, including identifying and acquiring greenfield minerals exploration opportunities.
  • Resources are developed and converted by our Customer Sector Groups (CSGs) who are responsible for delivering on our strategy. CSGs reflect a unique diversification across markets and geographic regions and produce products including gold, aluminium, base metals and specialty products, energy coal, iron ore, manganese, metallurgical coal, nickel and stainless steel materials.
  • Marketing is accountable for the revenue line, including sales and the physical movement of product to market. Marketing also procures traded commodity inputs to our operations.
  • Corporation Functions operate under the instruction of the Corporation Management Committee to ensure the Corporation meets governance and assurance requirements, and the activities necessary to improve the overall effectiveness of the Corporation.