The global financial and economic crisis poses huge challenges for governments and companies around the world – challenges that require convincing answers and long-term solutions.

At MDI Corporation, We bundled our business activities into the Five Sectors Finacial Services, Land & Property Developments, Industry & Manufacturing, Energy & Minerals and Media Services.

We have adapted our management structure to the requirements of our revised portfolio by implementing the most comprehensive company reorganization in 20 years. For instance, the CEO principle that we introduced for our top three management levels ensures that the responsibilities for all our business activities are clearly defined – the basic prerequisite for achieving a lean, rapid-response organization. To further foster our employees’ motivation, sense of personal responsibility and entrepreneurial commitment.

We offer our entire workforce – from non-management personnel to members of our Managing Board – greater opportunities to share in our company’s success. To ensure our competitiveness, we launched programs to boost the efficiency of our administrative and procurement processes. And these programs have proved successful – as the cost reductions we’ve achieved demonstrate.

However, we’re not resting on our laurels, we’re convinced that if you’re not going forward, you’re going backward. The current financial and economic crisis is offering a world of opportunities that we intend to rigorously exploit. Our goal is to achieve profitable long-term growth and outpace our competitors.

To reach this goal, four key conditions must first be fulfilled:

Focus on Innovation

Our activities must be oriented toward innovation- and technology-driven markets with long-term growth potential – markets in which we also aim to be a leading global player.

Worldwide presence

Serving our customers as effectively and quickly as possible, all around the globe – this is the second key enabler of profitable long-term growth. We have to keep expanding our local presence to ensure that we can respond rapidly to changing market requirements.

Partnership to consistenly outperform our competitors

The third key enabler for outperforming our competitors is, quite simply, to be better than they are. And we’re getting an edge by offering innovative products, solutions and services, cooperating with strong partners and gearing our value chain to efficiency.

To beat our competitors, we have to know their strengths and weaknesses. This applies not only to our longstanding competitors but, above all, to ambitious new players in emerging countries. We’re conducting ongoing benchmarking analyses to uncover not only our competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, but also our own. We take shortcomings at our company very seriously. Rather than downplaying them, we address them rigorously to improve our own performance.

The right human resources

Our outstanding, innovative employees are one of our greatest assets. Their commitment, ideas and perseverance are what have made the corporation that it is today. We want to give all our people the opportunity to develop themselves at our company. We evaluate them in accordance with global standards, identifying and nurturing talented individuals early in their careers, and grooming our managers for their responsibilities.