MDI CORPORATION, established in 2000, is an Indonesian Global powerhouse dynamic, growing company with an overall commitment to excellence. We strive to lead, not follow—in our products, technology, service, and employee relations. In Short, WE strive to be the best.

Part of MDI CORPORATION’s overall philosophy of excellence is a commitment to the development and well being of our employees. Only with the best people performing excellent work can MDI CORPORATION continue the industry leadership. We believe each person is important and we will attempt to give every employee opportunities to succeed and grow. We expect employees to ask questions and search for better solutions, and, in turn we will recognize and reward superior performance while identifying and correcting performance that does not meet MDI CORPORATION’s high standards.

We believe our customers are the ultimate judges of our performance. They expect—and merit—superior quality, service, and value. At MDI CORPORATION, our focus is on new and better solutions while we stress creativity and imagination in everything we do. We are proud of having pioneered many of the innovations that have become standard in the industry. Experience shows that if we serve our customers well, success follows.

Keeping MDI CORPORATION competitive and successful requires excellent teamwork and constant communication that is focused on the end objective. A fast-moving, fast-growing corporation requires planning and execution for the future, therefor we set up presence in Asia, Middle East and Europe venturing in different industries. We appreciate the dedicated and intensity of effort from our employees in upholding the corporation’s values and standards of excellence.