Chairman’s Foreword

The world situation is ever changing, altering different news with each new day. The same is with the financial market where mighty waves bring such threats as well as opportunities. More than ever was after the new millennium when the rough problems people face can’t be stated by the spoken language.

Once the financial storm has been through, only a few financial companies in the world particularly in Asia which can survive. Those are companies which to be changed greatly by time.

Indonesian “Millennium Danatama Indonesia Corporation” was born in Indonesia and will be cultivating its original root from Indonesia onto the global world. Its predecessors are before now associated with major international markets and investors. Its continued existence in the financial market has already proven MDI Corporation’s ability and competency in applying the management strategy, management and other aspects.

Under perfect leadership of the Group’s leaders, there is no doubt that the Group will be able overcome any difficulties, to grow continuously, and to provide better service and profit to its Customers

Tahir Ferdian